EU4Health-DP-g-22-07.04: Proyectos sobre la promoción de la salud mental - apoyo a la salud mental para los desplazados ucranianos

Referencia EU4Health_DPg220704

Caduca 31/05/2022

The main objective of this action is to increase awareness, knowledge generation, and sharing, and capacity building to improve mental health and psychological wellbeing in migrants and refugee populations, with a special focus on Ukraine’s displaced people, via the implementation of promising and best practices and guidance.
The activities are about exchanging and implementing best practices that will increase awareness, knowledge sharing and support for health professionals and NGOs working with refugees.
Specifically, the actions will support interested stakeholder organisations, to discuss and exchange mental health practices and knowledge, to implement promising and best practices and evidence-based actions. The activities should focus on the needs of Ukraine’s displaced people who are mainly located in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries or in other EU member states and support for NGOs and health professionals speaking Ukrainian/Russian who work with Ukrainian displaced people. The actions will include work that builds on the already available training material of the Health Policy Platform/ECDC Virtual Academy of the mental health training for professionals dealing with refugees, including translations when needed.
Buget: 2M.

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