Nueva convocatoria europea para promover soluciones digitales innovadoras

Referencia GetDigital

Caduca 31/08/2022

The Get Digital: Go Green & Be Resilient will support the companies in mainstreaming their solutions, including by helping uncover and address remaining barriers to digitalisation.
The call, which will remain open until the end of August, is addressed to SMEs from the EU, as well as from Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.
Its main outcome is the creation of an EU-wide catalogue of digital use cases, with a focus on sustainability and resilience and help the EC with a more concrete identification of barriers.
The selected companies will be able to present their solutions at one of the two workshops (one more focused on sustainability and one on supply chain resilience).
EISMEA cooperated closely with DG GROW on this initiative already since an early stage – even before the launch of the call – and ensured that EEN is a fully-fledged partner in this project, together with Digital SME.
Network consortia are called to offer support in promoting the project, inviting companies clients of the Network to apply and support them in drafting their applications.
All services related to this project fall in the scope of the Network assistance to SMEs in the digital client journey and can be reporting in our performance indicators in line with the relevant Network rules in place.
The application is easy to fill and the process is simple.
You will find below the link to our news item presenting the call and explaining its main steps, which do not require a big effort from the side of the partners.
Get Digital: Go Green and Be Resilient | Enterprise Europe Network community (
Here is also the main link to the project’s website including the submission form: Get Digital - Go Green & Be Resilient - European DIGITAL SME Alliance
With the present email we would like to invite you, the Network coordinators, to take action in relation to this project.
Each consortium partner providing services to ICT companies could identify some clients and propose them to take part.
Our objective is to have all regions of EU covered by our Network to be represented through companies that will apply.
Your active involvement will be very helpful for the success of the project and will be highly appreciated, and of course, clients will benefit from additional visibility which can contribute to boosting their businesses!

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