Desarrollo de un material para muelles para vehículos ferroviarios

Referencia RDRCZ20221020006

Caduca 30/12/2022

The Czech SME accumulated vast knowledge in material testing including material for railway. Now would like to apply this knowledge in a joint project focused on development of spring for railway vehicles. The joint project should be focused on the development of a more durable material for the production of springs for railway transport.
The Czech SME offers a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field of material testing. The company would like to be involved in the project as a participant in charge of material testing and material properties’ testing.
The SME is looking for a partner wishing to be a leader or coordinator as the company itself would like to focus on technical part of the project (testing materials’ properties etc.). At the same time, the SME is looking for a partner having experience and conditions with the development of new materials. Currently there is not yet any European funding opportunity identified as the key for success is to identify suitable partners first. Joint research project is expected as a type of cooperation.
Advantages and innovation
The joint project should lead to the development of a new special wear-resistant material with an extended service life for railway transport.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
The Czech SME offers static and dynamic tests of railway vehicle components according to the European standards, electron and optical microscopy services, metallographic tests and is equipped with resonance machines up to 570 kN and servo-hydraulic machines up to 2500 kN.
Framework program
Industrial leadership
Call title and identifier
Submission and evaluation scheme
Anticipated project budget
Coordinator required
Deadline for EoI
Deadline of the call
Project duration in weeks

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