Desarrollo de un nuevo catalizador bimetálico en el marco de una red doctoral bajo Horizon Europe

Referencia RDRDE20220831006

Caduca 14/10/2022

The doctoral network “Cooperative Bimetallics for Catalysis and Materials” addresses the challenges of building pathways to sustainability by bringing together researchers following molecule-based and materials-oriented approaches by combining two elements in hetero- and homogeneous catalysis. The project seeks to develop new bimetallic catalyst that combine high activities with high selectivity’s, not to be observed with the individual elements.
The network focussing on cooperative catalysis is looking for up to five industrial collaborators (chemical industry and related) from a European country to become associated partners in the current HORIZON-MSCA-DN-2022-0-01 call. Currently, the project consists of ten beneficiaries and seven associated partners (chemical industry, universities) that are located in Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Swiss, UK. The coordinator of the consortium is an institute for chemistry at a German university. The project is expected to run from 2023 till 2027. The doctoral candidates will gain practical experience during a secondment at one of the associated partner (while being funded through the project).
The deadline of the call is November 15th 2022 and potential partner should get in touch until October 15th 2022.
Framework program
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions
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MSCA Doctoral Networks 2022 (HORIZON-MSCA-2022-DN-01)
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