HORIZON-CL5-2022-D3-03-07: Búsqueda de un fabricante de fertilizantes inorgánicos

Referencia RDRDE20221114011

Caduca 20/12/2022

Biofuels produced from microalgae are increasingly attracting attention as they have the capacity to serve as a source of renewable carbon fuels, added value compounds, fertilizers and as a powerful tool for carbon sequestration. However, algal biofuels have not reached their full potential and economic feasibility due to several restrictions including energy-intensive extraction techniques, requirement of large amounts of fertilizer for algal cultivation and biomass to biofuels conversion efficiency. A project proposal by a German university of applied sciences will focus on algae fuels from inorganic waste water streams. This project will address systemic constraints during the entire value chain of algal biomass production to biofuels conversion. In accordance with the above aim, the German university of applied sciences, as coordinator, is requesting an inorganic fertilizer production company for the role of industrial partner for the Horizon Europe project (TOPIC ID: HORIZON-CL5-2022-D3-03-07: Development of algal and renewable fuels of non-biological origin). The fertilizer production company will be expected to provide their technical expertise in providing valuable data related to inorganic fertilizer waste water stream e.g. quantity, quantitative and qualitative data of the waste water produced during fertilizer production along with the waste water samples. Furthermore it is expected that the industrial partner will provide critical external input on all project matters, especially scientific direction, dissemination, and exploitation. However, the role of industrial partner is not limited to the above mentioned requirements, the coordinator will be happy to include further inputs/ideas/research direction from the partner.

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