Creative Europe Innovation Lab Call: Sistema de medios adaptable e interactivo

Referencia RDRDK20220622010

Caduca 30/07/2022

Danish startup is a university spin-out, that has developed a new solution for quality assuring (QA) short media formats. The solution is based on quantitative biometric measurements paired with qualitative ethnographic data, offering a more comprehensive, efficient, and valuable way of conducting tests. The target groups are media producers, distributors, and marketing departments. Their long-term vision, however, is to develop an Interactive Adaptive Media System. Including the patent-pending Adaptive Media Player, which works by recording and analysing biometric data to detect the users_ psychophysical responses to different types of stimuli. Based on the user’s response, the system automatically adapts the media to better fit the user’s immediate needs.
The technology has been already tested and proved in the media sector through cooperation with various sparring partners from the movie ( trailer and commercials producers and streaming services companies) and gaming industry (videogames, VR, AR etc.) and already, both at the Danish and international levels. A two-folded validation of their concept and product proved that the solution can improve and optimize the digital content, hereby directly contribute to the audience development and turnover.
Besides the media sector, the technology have high application potential within other sectors as digital experiences within culture sector, MOOC and educational sector and healthcare and specifically quality of the e-health.
To test, adapt and introduce their interactive adaptive media system to the cultural sector, the startup is applying for Creative Europe Innovation Lab with deadline 7th of September 2022 and is gathering consortium from countries eligible to apply for Creative Europe funding.
In order to participate in the Creative Europe – Innovation Lab call, Danish startup is looking for science partners specialised in biometric data application and biomarker detection and partners from the creative, art, and culture sector to test the technology in different cultural environment.
Advantages and innovation
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
Needed science partner:
Identifying biomarkers from the user data is a vital part of the system, and it is our objective to expand this research. We also believe that the identification of human emotional reactions via biosensors can be applied across multiple industries and research areas. In this regard, we are looking for partner universities researching biometric data application and biomarker detection. If they also have experience with using biosensors for ethnographic research within the art and/or culture sector, it is a plus.
Additional potential partners:
Partners from the creative, art, and culture sector, museums or culture clusters, international media distributors/streaming platforms, and international and national game, film, and TV producers.
Framework program
Access to finance
Call title and identifier
Submission and evaluation scheme
Anticipated project budget
Coordinator required
Deadline for EoI
Deadline of the call
Project duration in weeks
Web link to the call
Project title and acronym
Interactive Adaptive Media System

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