HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02: Tecnologías digitales y emergentes para competitividad

Referencia RDRHR20220503009

Caduca 30/07/2022

The company is looking for partners that can bring the added value to our consortium for the Horizon EU project, call: Digital and emerging technologies for competitiveness and fit for the Green Deal.
We are focusing mainly on the 27 EU Member States but the UK and Norway organizations can also be included.
Our research and development request has the intention to search for a like-minded company within the EEN that supplies a particular missing service or product in order to complete our innovation for the specific tender, an innovation that has the breakthrough potential and is intended for a global market.
Our idea is to create a strong consortium that will combine the proven results from the emerging technologies of the industry and the academia and finally, present it in public according to the open science policy.
Advantages and innovation
Besides innovative Smart City platform, currently in the process of trademark registration within the EU market, they are developing an innovative IoT and AI grid monitoring system to create a totally new value for the high voltage distribution sector and high voltage railway lines. Their solution will be a hardware-software package for high voltage transmission grids. It will create a new market worldwide and is intended for new customers which will consequently lead to an opening of a completely new portfolio for Callidus Grupa. The final goal of the planned Horizon project is to reach TRL 7, to bring the extra added value to our company and its regular business by entering completely new markets (electro-energetics and transport) and by introducing the new business branch such as research and production.
The company has already implemented an EU funded R&D project for the supervision of high voltage transmission line insulators.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
For the purpose of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON)- Call Digital and emerging technologies for competitiveness and fit for the green deal (HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02) we are searching for strong partners to complete our consortium for the following: AI/ML/data science, electricity distributor until 100 kV, university for advanced physics and dissemination of the project results, top player from the polymer industry and a high voltage testing laboratory to take over the role of a partner for subcontracting service.
Our intention is to improve and upgrade our innovation with the know-how of the above mentioned partners which could consequently lead to a long-time cooperation, possibly also during the marketization phase of the final product.

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