Eurostars: Desarrollo de una aplicación para la gestión de pacientes de Parkinson

Referencia RDRIT20220729007

Caduca 30/08/2022

The request comes from a spin-off of the University of Sassari, operating in the ICT sector and more specifically in the field of image processing, computer vision and biometrics. The company has developed considerable experience in the field of research projects co-financed by EU funds and is active as a consultant for prototyping and testing services of custom applications; it realizes systems characterized by very fast processing times and a high degree of efficiency.
The company has defined a research project that it intends to apply for the Eurostars program, due date in September. The project relates to the development of a mobile application for smartphones designed for Parkinson_ s patients. Specifically, the idea is to develop a system that, thanks to the use of biometric tools and other sensors, connected to the coding of specific algorithms, can constantly monitor the health status of the Parkinson_ s patient with particular reference to the condition of freezing , acting when it is about to occur to avoid it through the emission of pulses of various types always through the smartphone. The phenomenon of Freezing can be described as the condition in which the patient, suddenly feels as if paralyzed, with his feet glued to the floor and unable to walk. The phenomenon is sudden and is associated with a high risk of falling. Currently, there is no treatment for this symptom.
The project is almost written and defined. The consortium already includes a Swiss university, two SMEs and some Parkinson_ s disease associations. The goal is to complete it by including at least one more entity from an EU country other than Italy and Switzerland.

Advantages and innovation
The proposed system will be able to economically and effectively solve a problem particularly felt by Parkinson_ s patients and will be able to support their caregivers by enabling them to reduce the occurrence of critical and potentially life-threatening events as well as to increase the well-being condition of the patients. and maintain their autonomy condition as far as possible.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
The sought partner has experience and expertise in app/web development, user experience/design, and prior experience with healthcare software.
Framework program
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme
Call title and identifier
HORIZON-EIE-2021-INNOVSMES-01-01 European Partnership on Innovative SMEs / Eurostars: joint transnational call for proposals (CALL 3 OF EUROSTARS-3)
Submission and evaluation scheme
Anticipated project budget
Coordinator required
Deadline for EoI
Deadline of the call
Project duration in weeks
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