Predoctoral researcher in data-driven biomass utilization for hydrogen energy and co2 capture

We have a PhD position open to work in renewable hydrogen production and CO2 capture using biomass resources. This project will focus on biomass gasification and biomass-derived CO2 adsorption research fields. The project aims to construct databases on these topics for data analysis.

We are looking for candidates with an MSc in Chemistry, Chemical engineering or a related discipline, willing and highly motivated to combine this background with data science tools.

The candidate will join the Energy Processes and Emission Reduction (PrEM) group of the Institute of Carbon Science and Technology (INCAR-CSIC), Oviedo (Spain).

A good level of English is required. Skills in Python programming language are required. Knowledge and a strong interest in statistics, machine learning, and computation are desirable. You should enjoy coding and be keen to apply machine learning and data science in chemical and energy processes.

If you’re interested, send a CV via email to Victoria Gil ( by April 1st 2023.

Procedencia Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología del Carbono

País España

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