PYME austriaca que desarrolla innovadores compuestos multifuncionales antimicrobianos busca socios para el desarrollo de productos

Referencia RDRAT20220811006

Caduca 10/08/2023

An Austrian SME has developed a technology to produce high-quality composite materials with 99.9% proven long-lasting antimicrobial activity. These flexible materials are very homogenous, applicable on various advanced processing technologies and can be adapted to specific requirements.

They are looking for a polymer composite material processing SME or a product development and manufacturing SME to complete a consortium for the next Eurostars 3 call.

This Austrian SME is specialized in smart material development with extensive experience on advanced processing technologies, including additive manufacturing, injection moulding, hot pressing, and sintering. They have developed a technology to produce high-performance polymer-based nanocomposites with excellent antibacterial/antiviral properties. The current aim is to transfer this technology to the market and to explore the production of antimicrobial/antiviral materials for coatings, medical devices, textiles, etc.
The recent COVID-19 pandemic has increased awareness about safety and hygiene, raising the need for effective strategies to significantly reduce the risk of infection transmission. One strategy involves the use of materials/components with inherent ability to kill or inhibit pathogens. Such antimicrobial and antiviral properties are strongly desired for high-touch surfaces (e.g. counters, tables, doorknobs, handles, desks, keyboards, etc.), protective apparel, facemasks, air filtering equipment, medical devices, and other products. Antimicrobial products can thus make the difference to control the spreading of infections, especially in crowded environments, such as healthcare facilities, schools, and public transports.
The size of the global antimicrobial coatings market is expected to grow from €3.8 billion in 2021 to €6.2 billion by 2026. Stringent regulations on the indoor air quality, growing demand from the medical and healthcare sector to prevent healthcare-associated infections, and increasing adoption in various industrial applications are boosting this market growth.
To encounter the rising demand for such performing materials, they have developed special polymer-based composites with exceptional long-term antimicrobial activity.
The proposed technology is flexible, can be adapted to produce bioactive composites out of a number of matrixes, including medical-grade, degradable and non-degradable polymers (e.g., TPU, PMMA, PCL), and can be applied to a range of products. The company produces nanocomposite feedstock that can be processed via different methods, including injection moulding, extrusion, melt blowing, or 3D printing, and manufactured into bulk components, fibres, foams, etc. The nanocomposites can also be used for coating almost any type of material (metals, ceramics, wood, glass) and any surface (e.g., counters, handles, knobs, etc.) via conventional spray or dip coating technologies, as well as via wet deposition on textiles or yarns.
The nanocomposites can be formulated into plastic pellets or liquid forms and can be processed directly or mixed with untreated master batches without requiring any changes to the manufacturing process. The strong antimicrobial activity (> 99.9%) of different nanocomposite formulations has been certified by an accredited laboratory according to ISO standards, confirming the efficacy of these materials to prevent the growth of both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. The nanocomposite formulations are safe and non-toxic and can be tailored for each specific application to achieve the desired bioactive effect over time using the minimum amount of active antimicrobial agent.
The Austrian SME is now eager to further develop the potential of these composite materials and to develop together innovative applications with commercial potential through a cooperative Eurostars 3 project. The project aim is to upscale the material production technology and to exploit these bioactive materials to engineer innovative, high-performance, cost-effective products.

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