Eurostars: Software para visualizar condiciones meteorológicas retrospectivas a nivel mundial

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Caduca 31/03/2023

Startup in EU seeks partner capable to carry out software monetization and user experience design to complete the cross-platform application that visualizes historical weather data. The opportunity is being offered for an entity capable to identify economical channels and also user interface design for common software platforms and handhelds.

There are different prototypes will be developed on the roadmap to release and later publish a cross-platform application suite comprising common civil IT platforms as Web/Android/Windows Desktop.
Product purpose: it shall display historical weather data at an (almost) arbitrary geo location - which is selected by the user - and visualize them in a respective Cartesian chart, for research purposes data could be exported for further study. As a prototype weather conditions such as, Wind/Precipitation/Temperature/Air Pressure/Humidity could be provided and further climate change related indices calculated.
The current team consists of senior software engineers.
The users may harness the application in any geo location related context like tourism, education, research etc. The company seeks a deal with one partner making up a prototype software by adding UI and software licensing to make it eligible to enter markets.
Advantages and innovation
Currently, such cross-platform application does not exist on the market yet. There are potential in industries healthcare, insurance, tourism in contexts of as travel related services or education too could utilize the software. Overall climate change related data will be more and more on demand in every segment of population around the Globe. The final products shall be released in a way that can be easily integrated into other existing systems as a new component, especially in systems deals with geographical locations on any degree and our product can and will represent an added value in all those contexts. OEM standalone flavor of the suite might be beneficial as well if a cool product manager can envision a lucrative release roadmap.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
1. Systematic review of public datasets offering retrospective weather data.
2. Help defining business goals in industries
a) Travel
b) Insurance
c) Academic Research
d) Healthcare
in relation of near surface atmospheric elements.
3. Exhibit relevant GHG emissions and aerosols to address risk in different fields.
4. Capable to model risk in human health and AQI relation observed over past decades.
5. Capable to draw up UI wire frames in Figma.
Framework program
Call title and identifier
Eurostars: joint transnational call for proposals
Submission and evaluation scheme
Anticipated project budget
Coordinator required
Deadline for EoI
Deadline of the call

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