Eureka: Desarrollo de un dispositivo de pruebas para caracterización en filamentos en impresión 3D

Referencia RDRDE20230323013

Caduca 30/09/2023


A German SME from the plastics industry seeks SMEs for a research project to develop a testing device for filament characterisation in additive manufacturing. Partners sought are measuring device manufacturers, partners for setting up a measurement system, printer manufacturers, or filament producers, and potentially for data processing and development of a user interface. Funding schemes considered are bilateral calls within the German ZIM programme or other bilateral opportunities.

Información adicional

Currently the consortium consists of a German SME from the plastics industry and a renowned research and development institute specialized in printing and testing. The goal is to develop a commercial testing device for FDM (fused deposition modelling) filaments and processes, that helps to find perfect printing parameters as well as ensures the quality and process stability of the filament or printing process for further use by end customers. To ensure this, different filaments drives, hot ends and nozzles, as used by the 3D printers in the market, can be installed in the testing device to simulate the usage of different state of the art printers. Using this, the optimal printing parameters for a certain combination of material and printer configuration can be determined, to ensure a defect free and fast print. In addition, the printing behaviour of different material or by using different printers can be examined and compared. The system is anticipated to be a standalone unit to be sold to companies developing and selling FDM filaments, companies printing with a lot of different printers or materials or companies printing parts for a regulated field, such as medical devices or aviation, and such having high requirements in quality assurance.

The testing technology was recently developed by the German research and development institute. Now, the consortium is looking for a partner SME company, e.g., a manufacturer for measuring devices, partners for setting up a measurement system, a printer manufacturer or a filament producer, to complete the consortium. Potentially, also a partner for data processing and presentation can extend the consortium.

The consortium is seeking to apply for funding in the scheme of the German ZIM (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand), where also international SMEs can participate. The funding for international companies needs to be ensured, e.g., in the Framework of EUREKA or local funding agencies. However, German SME are very welcome to complete the consortium as well. Also, other (international) funding schemes may be applicable.
Advantages and innovation
The technology to be used allows a very fast and efficient measurement of printing and filament parameters for optimal production or to compare with other similar materials. This enables suppliers and users with the inspection of incoming components or the process-oriented creation of materials with certain parameters. Hence, filament producers could deliver printing parameters for a wide range of printers in the market by using one measurement device, which is capable of testing different printing parameters and finding the optimal ones. In addition, a user of printers in a production can test the incoming material to quickly adapt his printing parameters to the new batch, colour or filament manufacturer, as every change of additives has an influence on the printability of a material. Third, a producer in a regulated field, such as medical devices or aviation, can use the testing device for quality assurance as it ensures the use of the best printing parameters to have an optimal extrusion with minimal voids.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
Partner for material characterisation, FDM printer manufacturers, measuring 3D printing device manufacturers, partners for setting up a measurement system and potentially also for data processing and presentation.

Framework program
Call title and identifier
Submission and evaluation scheme
Cooperation project; one step application-process
Anticipated project budget
Coordinator required
Deadline for EoI
Deadline of the call
Project duration in weeks

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