Horizon Europe: Mejora de la gestión de complicaciones microvasculares

Referencia RDRDE20230512006

Caduca 09/06/2023

German pharma company interested in microvascular complications of diabetes looks for partners under HORIZON-HLTH-2024-DISEASE-03-08. Aim is to improve disease management of microvascular complications such as diabetic polyneuropathy by improving screening and treatment concepts. Partners should have access to clinical diabetic cohorts and conduct non-interventional and clinical studies, be health assessment technology (HTA) bodies or be from the IT sector, able to setup a European registry.

A German pharmaceutical company with many decades of experience in the management of microvascular complications of diabetes with the focus on diabetic polyneuropathy is planning to submit a proposal under the call - HORIZON-HLTH-2024-DISEASE-03-08-two-stage - Comparative effectiveness research for healthcare interventions in areas of high public health need.
In accordance with the call the project will lead to improved disease management and reduced disease burden for citizens and patients across European countries by enhancing screening and healthcare interventions in the field of microvascular complications. Inadequate diagnosis and management of polyneuropathy in diabetic patients, of which 30% are affected, is a huge disease burden due to a lack of efficient and practical screening and treatment methods.
The planned project aims to address this issue with an improved screening and treatment concept for early diagnosis and disease management, which is suitable for everyday clinical practice and standardized across European countries. Furthermore, an open access European registry for scientific and clinical communities to store and share collected data should be created, as well as a communication platform for citizens, patients, prescribers, and payers enabling them to receive more accurate information on available healthcare interventions.
To complete the consortium the German company is looking for different types of project partners:
1. Clinicians or research organisations with experience in the field microvascular complications, which have access to diabetic cohorts and are able to conduct non-interventional and/or clinical studies.
2. HTA-bodies to perform health technology assessments.
3. IT companies that are able to setup a European registry.
4. European associations of patient organisations
Call deadline:
1st stage: 19.09.2023
2nd stage: 11.04.2024
Deadline for EoIs: 9 June 2023
Framework program
Horizon Europe
Call title and identifier
HORIZON-HLTH-2024-DISEASE-03-two-stage: Comparative effectiveness research for healthcare interventions in areas of high public health need
Submission and evaluation scheme
Anticipated project budget
6-7 Mio Euro
Coordinator required
Deadline for EoI
Deadline of the call
Project duration in weeks
Web link to the call

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