Búsqueda de socios para proyectos Eurostars y Horizon Europe sobre fermentación fúngica y formulación de cultivos vivos

Referencia RDRFI20221128030

Caduca 22/03/2023

A Finnish company is specializing in fungal-based biotechnology. The project area aims to scale-up innovative, optimized and validated formulation methods of live fungal inoculants. Ideal potential partner(s) should be experts in live microbial culture formulations and capable of analytics in formulation viability and stability. Technological R&D partnership is sought after, for funding calls such as Eurostars, Horizon Europe and equivalents.

A Finnish biotech company is developing and commercializing innovative fungal solutions. The company is experienced in applied fungi, mushroom cultivation, forest-fungal interaction and science-to-market. The planned project involves optimizations of Fungal Fermentation & Formulation (FFF). The project domain involves R&D practices to achieve optimal applications that arise from industrial scale submerged fungal fermentations (upstream), formulation methods and enabled quality analytics (downstream). The results will enable commercial application success in various industries, from human health and therapeutics to environmental and agroforestry applications.
Fungal cultural expertise and commercial/market avenues will be provided via the company_ s existing network. Fermentation expertise can also come from academic experience or via partnered collaborators.
Potential partners are expected to provide expert knowledge on live microbial formulations including novel methods suitable for specific industry applications.
Formulation of live microbial organisms includes proven experience with probiotics, live bio-therapeutic products or effective microbe (EM) products. The technical results required from this project will be catered for specific applications.
Requested partner(s) are to provide R&D for optimal formulation methodologies and validate these via viability and stability analyses of the formulated fungal cultures. Partners should be based in Europe, preferably in the Nordics. The next programme targeted are Eurostars (next deadline is foreseen in April 2023) and Horizon Europe. Anticipated duration of the project: 6-12 months
Advantages and innovation
Human/Health sector: Can provide new bio-therapeutics with unique bioactive compounds for functional food or supplement products.
Environmental/agroforestry sector:
Can assist in the reduction of plant fertiliser use by providing plant-promoting live microbes to industry-scales.
Reduce mortality of outplants.
Improve carbon sequestration.
Improve remediation techniques and soil health.
Improve soil microbial diversity.
Framework program
Call title and identifier
Submission and evaluation scheme
Anticipated project budget
Coordinator required
Deadline for EoI
Deadline of the call

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