ERASMUS+: Servicios laborales sociales y calidad de vida laboral

Referencia RDRFR20230315007

Caduca 28/07/2023

The Social work service aims to be the ally of Human Ressources Dept (HRD). in their Quality of Working Life (QWL) approach, in order to facilitate the daily professional life of HRDs, to promote well-being at work, to contribute to social dialogue, and to fight against professional disinsertion and to promote the balance between private and professional life...,

In this way they are looking for European partners who are already well advanced on these subjects and wich could be a lever in the deployment of this preventive approach, which is nowadays central to the whole economic system
The project is closely linked to the main missions, which are to promote social and professional support for all employees, whatever their field of intervention. The aim is to enrich reciprocally our practices by meeting, visiting, and observing other social actors in the workplace. Exchanging our observations in the field of QWL with an employer structure in a European country would be an extraordinary lever for the structure.
Advantages and innovation
Setting up a comparative observatory of QWL practices;
Observing the deployment of quality of working life in a company, how do existing employees perceive their own well-being at work?
Increase competence and offer a wide range of services,
Organize and sustain exchanges of practices,
Set up new experimentations for addressing new challenges about working conditions : . absenteeism, remote work, …
The structure operates on a cross-border territory with specific cross-border issues
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
Exchange and discover other inspiring methods that could lead to social innovations applied to a territory.Exchange and discover other inspiring methods that could lead to social innovations applied to a territory.
Framework program
Call title and identifier
Submission and evaluation scheme
Anticipated project budget
Coordinator required
Deadline for EoI
Deadline of the call

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